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              我们可以承接20-3000人各类大小餐宴外卖服务。我们提供场地选择,定制个性化的餐宴服务方案,协助组织策划活动、布置装饰会场、提供美食与酒水 饮料、安排演出节目及娱乐项目等一条龙服务。


              Xuan Shanghai Ya Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. is a professional   buffet buffet, BBQ grill, family dinner, PARTY receptions, corporate   anniversary, the exhibition catering, annual meeting and a series of food   delivery service company. We conference with the major contractors, advertising   agencies, etiquette company, performing arts company has many years experience   of cooperation. Whether a small private dinner (20 ~ 100), or large corporate   events, social groups, dinner (100 ~ 3000), we have professional planning staff   based on your needs, tailored to your personalized Feasts services program.   Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

               I first pay attention to food   safety and hygiene, from the choice of suppliers, procurement of raw materials,   food production, storage, transportation, every link Cengcengbaguan, strictly   control the food quality, ensure that customers provide healthy, delicious,   safety, health food. Our chefs have many years of experience in five-star   hotels, the food production process to ensure the professional responsibilities   seriously. Our service staff have received professional pre-service training,   service experience with a large number of Feasts, sure to add a little more for   your party highlights. 

              We can undertake 20-3000 banquets of all sizes who   takeaway service. We provide site selection, custom personalized banquets   services program, to help organizing and planning activities, and furnishing the   venue, providing food and drinks, and entertainment arrangements for performance   programs and other train services.

               We specialize in venue, and through careful   warm banquets services, use of food and wine along with light and sound to   create a remarkable atmosphere of the meeting is a high-five.

               We will help you   organize a wonderful memorable party. Our services: "exquisite dishes, delicious   food, reasonable prices, careful planning, good service." We are committed to   build its own brand, and strive to become a comprehensive party service   providers for delivery meal Shanghai Ya Xuan Catering Services is a professional   buffet buffet, BBQ grill, family dinner, PARTY receptions, corporate   anniversary, the exhibition catering, annual meeting and a series of food   delivery service company ... ...

               Ya Xuan Shanghai Restaurant Management Co.,   Ltd. is a professional provide reception, Shanghai takeaway, take-away dinner,   buffet PARTY, a private banquet, buffet, catering service company anniversary   entity; professional standardized Delivery central kitchen, its own professional   take-away insulation ...